Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Greetings and Welcome !

We live on this amazing planet to evolve, to serve and engage in the pursuit of happiness. Our mission is to assist in restoring the whole person at the levels of mind, body and spirit.

For those who have been subjected to environmental, physical, and emotional abuse, including societal abuse and self-abuse, we have lots of resources to share.

Join us on our journey to restoration and healing! You will be glad you did. Our blod addresses:
* Weight Management
* Nutrition Counseling
* Self-care for Wellness and Restoration
* Ecological and Environmental Awareness
* Behavior Modification
* Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)
* Clinical Hypnotherapy
* Reiki Therapy and classes
* Spiritual Approaches to Wholeness

When you allow us to become catalysts into your life, you receive the following benefits:
*** A slender body
*** More energy
*** More radiant and lasting health
*** Longevity without the burden of pain
*** More optimism (you can't enjoy life if you're depressed!)
*** More alignment with your creative force

Our method of operation is based on the principle of detoxifying and re-balancing the whole person for the restoration of both mind and body. A detoxified and balanced body leads to a healthier lifestyle and higher probability for longevity. A mind that has transcended toxic emotions expresses a more caring, joyful and generous attitude toward life, others, and toward society in general. We advocate lifestyle modification for wellness and the development of higher consciousness.

We are dedicated to your complete restoration and are here to help you as you feel ready. We look forward to walking the healing path with you.